finished gravel

Well-designed 200TPH Crusher Plant for Granite Processing

Sand and gravel aggregate refers to a type of mineral material used in construction and foundation engineering projects, mainly including sand and gravel. In the construction industry, sand and gravel aggregate is an important component of concrete, asphalt and other building materials, and is widely used in various fields such as roadbed, railways, tunnels, and …

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mobile crushing plants supplier

Complete Services to Provide A Crushing Plant for River Pebbles

Regarding the river pebbles crushing plan, we happen to have a Malaysian customer who has just ordered a set of 180TPH mobile crusher and screening plant. The installation and debugging of the equipment have been completed and this set of high-quality mobile crusher plant has started to operate normally. We would like to share with …

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concrete plant

35m3 Central Batching Plant Working in Nukus, Uzbekistan

This is working feedback about the Aimix 35m3 central batching plant installed in Nukus, Uzbekistan. Aimix 35m3 concrete plant belongs to the model, AJ-35. It can produce 35m3 concrete per hour. Please go on reading for more details about this case. Order Details of AJ-35 in Nukus 1. Application Field: This set of batching plant …

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mobile self loading concrete mixer truck

4.0m3 Mobile Self Loading Mixer Truck Packaged and Shipped to Jamaica

Aimix just packaged and shipped one set of 4.0m3 mobile self loading mixer truck to Jamaica. Please go on reading for more packaging and shipping details. Our customer found AIMIX GROUP from Google and sent us an inquiry about our self loading mixer machines. What kind of construction project can you use our self loading …

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One Set of 3.5m3 Self Loading Concrete Machine Packed and Shipped to Malaysia

Today, I am going to share a case with you about our 3.5m3 self loading concrete machine exported to Malaysia. This set of AS-3.5 self loading concrete machine was ordered by one of our customers from Malaysia about 20 days ago. And now, AIMIX has completed the production of this machine and is ready to …

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mixing plant

180m3/h Mixing Plant Installed in Kuching, Malaysia

One exciting news comes! Aimix 180m3/h mixing plant is successfully installed in Kuching, Malaysia. In 2021, this customer bought one set of block-making equipment from AIMIX. One year later, this customer makes an order from us again for one AJ-180 mixing plant in 2022. And today, our customer sent a few pictures and videos to …

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self loading cement mixer

3.5m3 Self Concrete Mixer Working Feedback from Malaysia

Our customer, Lim from Malaysia sent us some feedback for our 3.5m3 self concrete mixer lately. He bought this set of AS-3.5 mixer for making precast concrete products in Malaysia. And up to now, our mixer had been working for him for about two months, and our customer liked our machine very much and said …

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trailer pump

40m3 Diesel Trailer Concrete Pumping Machine Shipped to Malaysia

Another diesel trailer concrete pumping machine was shipped to Malaysia. That is a good news for Aimix Group. This customer searched on Google and founded our official website. After he checked our pictures and models specifications on our website page, he sent us an inquriry about the trailer pump. Here are some shipping pictures. Why …

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concrete batching plant

AJ-180 Central Mix Plant Shipped to Malaysia

One 180m3ph central mix concrete plant unit was shipped to Malaysia a few months ago. This customer is one of our frequent clients in Malaysia. He used to buy our self loading concrete mixer and concrete mixer pump before he ordered this AJ-180 concrete plant. As far as he ran our plant, he was very …

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self loading mixture

3.5 Cubic Auto Loading Concrete Mixer Shipped to Malaysia

One more good news for Aimix Group. There is one customer from Malaysia who just ordered a set of AS-3.5 auto loading concrete mixer. And now Aimix is packing the machine and ready for delivery this machine to the hand of our customer. Here I will show some pictures of the shipping pictures. Why Is …

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