Complete Services to Provide A Crushing Plant for River Pebbles

Regarding the river pebbles crushing plan, we happen to have a Malaysian customer who has just ordered a set of 180TPH mobile crusher and screening plant. The installation and debugging of the equipment have been completed and this set of high-quality mobile crusher plant has started to operate normally. We would like to share with you the purchase process, and hope that it can serve as a reference for you to purchase your crushing line in the future.

mobile crushing plants factory

Customer Needs Analysis Services

As a professional stone crushing equipment manufacturer, before selling equipment, we will provide customers with solutions that suit their budget based on their different needs. So at the beginning of the program design, we must first analyze the customer’s needs to fully prepare for the subsequent program design.

Why Customer Needs A Crushing Plant?

  • Our client is a large local construction contractor that operates a number of real estate development projects, hotels, supermarkets, and apartment construction projects in west Malaysia.
  • The demand for concrete in their industry is very large, and similarly, their demand for the raw materials for making concrete: construction aggregates is very large.
  • They have always purchased construction aggregates from local sand and gravel suppliers. On the one hand, the purchased aggregates sometimes do not fully meet their needs. On the other hand, the purchased aggregates are also quite expensive.
  • Therefore, they want to produce construction aggregates themselves. On the one hand, they can save costs, and on the other hand, they can produce aggregates exactly according to their own sizes to improve the quality of concrete. Therefore, they want to buy a crusher plant to help them fulfill their wish.

mobile crusher supplier

Specific Demands of Customer

After our sales staff contacted the customer company, we learned about the customer’s specific needs:

  • Crushing raw materials: river pebbles
  • Capacity requirements: 150TPH-180TPH
  • Raw material size: 435mm
  • Aggregate size demands: 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-15mm, 16-28mm
  • Budget: within USD 2,200,000

River pebbles
crawler mobile crusher

After analyzing the customer’s needs, we formulated the following solution, which not only meets the customer’s needs for aggregates, but also helps the customer reduce the overall cost of the project.

Finalization of the Crushing Plant Equipment

  • Equipment selection: Primary crushing – mobile jaw crusher, secondary crushing – mobile cone crusher, and a mobile screening machine
  • Price: USD 2,030,000

mobile jaw crusher
Mobile Jaw Crusher

mobile cone crusher
Mobile Cone Crusher

mobile screening plant
Mobile Screening Plant

Design Concept:

  • Why choose mobile crusher plant equipment: The entire crushing solution uses mobile crusher plant. We learned before that the client’s construction projects are spread across the West Malaysia, and the client often needs to travel between projects. The customer hopes that after one project is completed, the equipment can be moved to another project site more conveniently. Therefore, our customer hopes to order a set of tracked mounted crushers to save the transportation costs of finished materials.
  • Reasons for choosing jaw crusher for primary crushing: The customer’s raw material is river pebbles, which have high hardness, and jaw crusher is the only crusher that is most suitable for crushing hard materials. Therefore, we chose a set of mobile jaw crushers as primary crushing.
  • The reason for choosing mobile cone crusher for secondary crushing: The customer’s size requirements for finished materials are 4 types: 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-15mm, and 16-28mm, and there is no requirement for the raw material particle shape, so we choose a set of multi-cylinder cone crusher as the secondary crusher, which can help our customers crush materials more finely.

After designing the plan, we submitted it to the customer for review. The customer approved our plan after modifying some details. Next, it’s the normal ordering process. After a 45-day production period and a 20-day delivery and logistics period, the equipment finally reached the hand of our customer.

After-sales Services

After the mobile crusher plants arrives at the customer’s port, our company immediately starts our after-sales services. After-sales services include: custom clearance services, delivery services, installation services, maintenance services, regular maintenance, and emergency fault handling services.

  • We sent two engineers to the customer’s site to assist the customer in installing and debugging the equipment. After everyone’s unremitting efforts, all the accessories were successfully installed, and a brand new mobile crushing station was presented to the customer.

    installation engineers of Aimix Group
    aimix after-sale services engineers
  • After a short period of training, the customer’s employees have also learned how to operate our portable crushing and screening plants.
  • And we have an office in Malaysia, and our employees will also visit customers regularly. Currently, the equipment is working well.

portable crushing plant

The purchase cost of this mobile crushing plant is fully in line with the customer’s expectations, and its operation and maintenance costs are within a reasonable range. At present, our equipment has helped customers bring good economic benefits. If you are also interested, please contact us.

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