Concrete Batching Plant Malaysia

Concrete batching plant Malaysia is an useful equipment which is widely applied for batching and mixing of concrete for various industrial construction projects, including construction of middle-scale or large-scale engineering projects, manufacturing ready mix concrete products for prehab factory, producing and sypplying commercial concrete for infrastructure projects in Malaysia, and so on. With 25m3/h to 240m3/h concrete output capacities, it can accurately weigh and stir the sand, stone, cement, fly ash, mineral powder, liquid agent and water in propotion and turn them into plastic or hard concrete.

concrete batching plant malaysia

batching plant malaysia
concrete batching plant machine
concrete batching plant for sale

35m3 Concrete Batching Plant Working for Highway Construction

Capacity: 35(m3/h)
  • Concrete output(m3/h): 35
  • Mixer model: JS750
  • Mixer Power(Kw):30
  • Max aggregate size(mm): 60

Main Parts:

①3 bins batching machine(belt weighing) ②Skip hopper ③JS750 twin shaft concrete mixer ④Two sets of 50t cement silos ⑤Screw conveyors ⑥Fully automatic computer control system ⑦Full steel control room with AC ⑧Weighing system for cement,water and addictive

How Many Types of Concrete Batching Plants Are There in AIMIX?

There are several concrete batching plant types in Aimix Group: AJ-25, AJ-35, AJ-50, and so on. You can choose a suitable one to meet the requirement for your special construction projects in Malaysia. As you can see, there are so many styles of concrete batching plant for sale in Aimix Group. I will list an example to help you how to distinguish them.

  • Due to the size, there are small type AJ-25, AJ-35, AJL-25 and AJS-25, and middle type AJ-50, AJ-60, AJ-75 and AJ-90, and large type AJ-120 and AJ-180.

    Features and Applications of Small Type Batching Plant

    1. Small concrete output. It can make 25m3/h to 35m3/h caoncrete, which is suitable for those construction projects that need less concrete.
    2. Less capital investment. You can use less funds to buy these small type equipment. Besides, it needs less labor cost.
    3. Small footprint. Small plants usually have a compact structure so that it needs less land occupation.
    4. Easy to assemble and disassemble. You can easily install a small type batch plant with shorter time due to its simple structure.

batching plant machine

AJ-25 Batching Plant Malaysia

Capacity: 25(m3/h)
  • Model: AJ-25
  • Concrete Output(m3/h): 25
  • Mixer Model: JS-500
  • Mixer Power(kw): 18.5
  • Max.Aggregate Size(mm): Φ60

batching plant cost

AJ-35 Concrete Batching Plant Malaysia

Capacity: 35(m3/h)
  • Model: AJ-35
  • Concrete Output(m3/h): 35
  • Mixer Model: JS-750
  • Mixer Power(kw): 30
  • Max.Aggregate Size(mm): Φ60

mobile concrete batching plant

AJL-25 Mini Concrete Batching Plant

Capacity: 25(m3/h)
  • Model: AJL-25
  • Concrete Output(m3/h): 25
  • Mixer Model: Planetary concrete mixer
  • Bag cement hopper(t): 2
  • Discharging Capacity(L): 500

  • Features and Applications of Middle and Large Type Batching Plants

    1. Larger concrete output. Middle and large plants can produce 50m3/h to 240m3/h concrete, which can meet the demand for concrete for large construction building projects. For example, prehab slabs or walls manufacturing construction, road and bridge construction, railway construction, water conservancy project construction, and so on.
    2. It can work more efficiently and produce more cubics of concrete for you. It has more species of configure so it will need more land occupation to work for you.
    3. It has a more stable performance and can produce more types of strength of concrete, including C15, C20, C25, C30, C35, C40, C45, C50, C55, C60, C65, C70, C75, and C80 concrete.
    4. Large type concrete batching plants Malaysia can be your perfect choices for manufacturing and selling commercial concrete due to their large mixing capacities.

concrete batching plant for sale

AJ-50 Concrete Batching Plant for Sale

Capacity: 50(m3/h)
  • Model: AJ-50
  • Concrete Output(m3/h): 50
  • Mixer Model: JS-1000
  • Mixer Power(kw): 2×18.5
  • Max.Aggregate Size(mm): Φ60

concrete batching plant hzs60

AJ-60 Concrete Batching and Mixing Plant

Capacity: 60(m3/h)
  • Model: AJ-60
  • Concrete Output(m3/h): 60
  • Mixer Model: JS-1000
  • Mixer Power(kw): 2×18.5
  • Max.Aggregate Size(mm): Φ60

concrete batching plant size

AJ-90 Concrete Batching and Mixing Plant

Capacity: 90(m3/h)
  • Model: AJ-90
  • Concrete Output(m3/h): 90
  • Mixer Model: JS-1500
  • Mixer Power(kw): 2×30
  • Max.Aggregate Size(mm): Φ80

  • With regard to the mobility, there are mobile type AJY-25, AJY-35 and AJY-50, and stationary type AJ-25, AJ-35, AJ-50, AJ-75, AJ-90, AJ-120 and AJ-180.

    Features and Applications of Mobile Type Batching Plants

    1. Except for cement silos and screw conveyors, all the material storage systems, weighing systems, conveying systems, mixing systems, unloading systems, and fully automatic control systems are installed in a mobile trailer.
    2. Mobile type plant is suitable for those projects that need frequent changes in construction sites and have short construction periods and long construction lines. For example, highway construction, railway construction, harbor construction, and so on.
    3. It needs a shorter time to install and disassemble. All the electrical systems are prefabricated and pre-wired and can be connected to power with quick connectors.
    4. Compared with the stationary type, there is no need to build a foundation for a mobile type plant. Hence, it can be installed in 5 to 7 hours and start the production of concrete at once.
    5. It has higher utilization and ROI.

mobile mixing plant

AJY-35 Batching and Mixing Plant

Capacity: 35(m3/h)
  • Model: AJY-35
  • Concrete Output(m3/h): 35
  • Mixer Model: JS-750
  • Max.Aggregate Size(mm): 80/60
  • Discharging capacity(L): 750

mobile concrete plant for sale

AJY-50 Batching Plant in Malay

Capacity: 50(m3/h)
  • Model: AJY-50
  • Concrete Output(m3/h): 50
  • Mixer Model: JS-1000
  • Max.Aggregate Size(mm): 80/60
  • Discharging capacity(L): 1000

60m3 concrete batching plant

AJY-60 Batching Plant for Sale

Capacity: 60(m3/h)
  • Model: AJY-60
  • Concrete Output(m3/h): 60
  • Mixer Model: JS-1000
  • Mixing Cycle Period(s): 60
  • Rated Input Volume of Batching Machine(L): 1600

  • According to the aggregate conveying methods, there are belt type AJ-60, AJ-90, AJ-120 and AJ-180, and hopper type AJ-25, AJ-35, AJ-50 and AJ-75.

    Features and Applications of Belt Type Batching Plants

    1. Belt type concrete batching plant uses a belt conveyor to load weighed aggregate materials to the concrete mixer.
    2. It usually has large concrete outputs and can complement continuous concrete batching and mixing work. Hence, it is often the perfect choice for large-scale commercial concrete suppliers.
    3. It often occupies larger land space so that it can make more concrete in a shorter time.
    4. Belt concrete plant is suitable for concrete material and products sales company, such as concrete slabs, concrete walls, concrete grooves, and so on.

    Features and Applications of Skip Hoist Batching Plants

    1. Skip hoist concrete batching plant adopts a lifting hopper to convey weighed aggregate materials to the mixer.
    2. Its mixing capacities are smaller than belt-type plants’. Therefore, it is suitable for small-scale or middle-scale construction projects. For example, self-built house construction, city road paving and repairing construction, and so on.
    3. It occupies less area space and is easy to install and disassemble.

batching plant for sale in Malaysia

50m3 Skip Hoist Batching Plant

Capacity: 50(m3/h)
  • Model: AJ-50
  • Concrete Output(m3/h): 50
  • Mixer Model: JS-1000
  • Mixer Power(kw): 2×18.5
  • Max.Aggregate Size(mm): Φ60

batching plant for sale

90m3 Belt Conveyor Type Batching Plant

Capacity: 90(m3/h)
  • Model: AJ-90
  • Concrete Output(m3/h): 90
  • Mixer Model: JS-1500
  • Mixer Power(kw): 2×30
  • Max.Aggregate Size(mm): Φ80

concrete batching plants

What Is the Main Difference Between the Belt Type and Skip Hoist Concrete Batching Plants Malaysia?

Aimix has both belt type and skip hoist concrete batching plants for sale in Malaysia. You should learn what exactly are these two kinds of concrete batching plant machines before figure their differences out. Here I list some main points to compare these two types of concrete batching plants.

  • Aggregate Material Conveying Methods

    Belt type plant uses a conveying belt to load the weighed aggregate materials from the aggregate batcher to the mixer. The belt conveyor can continuous delivery materials so that it can help the work efficiency of the whole plant. That is why belt-type plant is widely used for large-scale commercial concrete-producing projects. However, the hopper-type plant makes use of a batching hopper to feed the weighed aggregate materials to the mixer.

  • Concrete Output Capacity

    The main feature of belt type is its large mixing capacity. Belt type plant often has a large concrete mixing capacity than the skip hoist plant because the aggregate loading capacity of the belt conveyor is larger than the skip hoist. What is more, the belt conveying speed is faster than the skip hoist. Therefore, the skip hoist plant has less concrete output than the belt type plant.

  • Batching Plant Price

    The cost of skip hoist type plant is less than the cost of belt type plant. For example, the price of a 25m3 concrete batching plant is lower than the 60m3 concrete batching plant price.

  • Floor Space

    The footprint of the skip hoist type batching plant Malaysia is usually smaller than the belt type batching plant. Hence, you only need to build a small foundation if you buy a skip hoist batching plant.

Applications of Concrete Batching Plant in Malaysia

Batching plant Malaysia is a combined device used to centrally mix concrete. Its high degree of mechanization and automation makes its high productivity. Hence, it is widely applied for many different types of construction projects or civil engineering construction fields. Since the mixer batching plant can be used for so many kinds of places, it will be worth investing in one in Malaysia. What fields or building projects do the batching plant suit? Please go on browsing.

Ready Mix Concrete Products Manufacturing Projects

It can produce various ready mix concrete products, including precast concrete slabs, precast concrete floor, and so on. Aimix 50m3/h, 60m3/h, 75m3/h, 90m3/h, 120m3/h, 180m3/h and 240m3/h central batching plants are suitable for making precast concrete products. Contact us for specifications now.

House Building Construction

In modern society, we usually adopt more efficient way and shorter time to do the house building work. Therefore, a batching plant will be a great help for continuous concrete supply for the foundation construction and floor pouring for the high-rise building construction work. AJ-25, AJ-35, and AJ-50 will be your first options because they have small investment and less floor occupations in cities.

Large and Medium-Sized Water Conservancy, Electric Power Engineering and Bridge Construction

A cement concrete batching plant can ensure the quality of concrete, save cement and improve the concrete stability. Therefore it is very suitable for those construction projects with high demand for large amount of concrete, long construction working period and concentrated construction sites. However, the mobile type AJY-50, AJY60, and the stationary type AJ-50, AJ-60, AJ-90, AJ-120, AJ-180, and AJ-240 will fit those construction projects.


Countless twin shaft mixer batching plants to over 100 countries all around the world.
mobile concrete plant

AJY-50 Mobile Concrete Plant
I searched on Google and found this official website, then I sent an inquiry about the AJY-50. Soon, the sales, Emily contacted me and sent me full details of its capacity and working videos. Thanks to Emily, she helped me to choose the right model for my road paving projects in Malaysia. What is more, AIMIX arranged their local agents in Malaysia to help me with plant installing and testing. And now, everything goes well.
Jun 6, 2021
cement batching plant

AJ-50 Concrete Plant
Thanks to the sales of Aimix Group who gave me good advice on choosing the type and capacity of concrete plants. I chose a 50m3/h stationary plant for my bridge construction projects. With the help of aimix after-sale service team, my stuff were well trained to operate the whole plant.
Sep 2, 2021
aggregate batching plant

AJ-35 Batching Plant
I bought one set of AJ-35 batching plant, three sets of concrete mix trucks, and one ABT40C trailer pump for my house building construction. Thanks to AIMIX GROUP, they helped me a lot for my machines delivery and saved me some shipping fee.
May 7, 2020
mobile cement plant

AJY-35 Mobile Cement Plant
I appreciated with the help of AIMIX GROUP so that I could use less money to start my hospital construction projects in UZ. Besides, the after-sale service team were very professional with installing machine and training my workers.
May 5, 2020

What Are the Advantages to Invest A Batching Plant in Malaysia?

Since the concrete batching and mixing plant has many superior features, hence, the following I list all the types so that you can have a look

  • 1. Make Money for Being Concrete Supplier in Malaysia! If you have searched for concrete batching plant near me in Malaysia, then you will find a lot of professional ready mix concrete suppliers or companies. If you want to be one of them, then you should invest a plant and next start the concrete production and supplying concrete for your local business.
  • 2. Make Concrete For Your Own! Concrete batching plant in Malaysia plays the important role in construction site. As the rapid development of modern industry, the batching plant is a common infrastructure industry equipment, which helps the large objects bring the necessary concrete. If you have needs, please consult more information about our concrete batching plant machine.
  • 3. Save Money and Cut Down Cost! It can save you a lot of money to buy premix concrete if you buy one set of on site concrete batching plant and start to produce concrete at the construction site on your own. What is more, you can not only satisfy your own use but also start to sell commercial concrete as a local contractor in Malaysia. As we all know, buying premix concrete from local concrete supplier is expensive, especially you have long-term need for concrete mixture. Therefore, you should find a more economic way. Here, I recommend you to buy a batching plant in Malay that can supply you with a steady stream of cost-effective concrete. Self-made concrete is quite cheap than buying from concrete company. And it will help to save a lot of money for you over the years.
  • 4. Improve Concrete Quality! It can improve the quality of construction building works. Due to its precise aggregate batching and weighing system and accurate computer control system, batching plant can ensure that each batch of concrete has stable performance. Therefore, good quality concrete is the basics to increase the construction project quality.
  • 5. Cut Down Construction Time! It has an efficient working mode and a fully automatic control system which can shorten the construction period and lower your working intensity. With regard to the construction organizations, buying a batching plant in Malaysia will speed up the construction work and reduce the equipment rental cost at the same time.
  • 6. Change the Hardness of Concrete Any Time! You can adjust the hardness of concrete to fit your different construction project uses. You can add water reducer or other kinds of admixtures to meet the different requirements for various applications such as road construction, foundation construction, building construction, bridge construction, and so on.
  • 7. Small Investment But High Convenience! If you are shortage of funds, then you should consider our truck mounted concrete batching plant. It has compact structure and lower price. Besides, all the main parts including concrete mixer, batching machine and cement storage bin are installed on a mobile truck chassis. It is time saving to transfer from one site to another site. What the most important is that there is no need to assemble or disassemble it and it can start to work to produce the concrete the moment you drag it the the construction site. This type will save you a lot of working time and labor cost. What is more, mobile concrete batching plant needs less cost to buy.

What Are the Factors That Affect the Concrete Batching Plant Price?

As we all know, there are several types of batching plant for sale in Aimix Group. And different types have several models and sizes. Furthermore, different models have their own prices. Thence, I can not give you a price until you choose an exact model of concrete batching plant Malaysia. You should continue to read if you are still interested in the harga concrete batching plant in Malaysia. Here I list some points that may influence the price in order to help you to know more information about batching plant price to a greater extent. And I believe that it will assist you to choose a right concrete batching plant size according to your purchase budget.

Concrete Output Capacities

The cement batching plant has a few different outputs due to different models. For example, AJ-25 can make around 25m3 concrete per hour, and AJ-60 can make around 50m3 concrete per hour. Their concrete outputs are so different so that their total cost will definitely differ for sure. To sum up, the larger capacities the concrete plant has, the higher its total price will be. That is why we can not give you the batching plant cost unless you tell us your demand for the concrete producing capacities.

AJ-120 Price
AJ-90 Price
AJ-60 Price
AJ-35 Price

Aggregate Material Feeding Methods

As you know, there are two kinds of feeding methods to load the aggregate materials for the cement batching plant. And the conveying capacities of belt conveyor are larger than the skip hoist’s. Thence, the belt type plat price is distinct with the skip hoist plant price.

Quantities of Concrete Cement Silo

We can add one or more silos for batching plant according to your unique requirement. In general, the quantities of batching plant silo are decided by the concrete producing capacities. In other words, the more concrete output the plant can make, the more concrete plant silo it will need. Besides, Aimix has 50 ton cement silo, 100 ton cement silo, and 200 ton cement silo for you to choose. Contact us and tell your actual need, and we will give you a preliminary plan for your purchase.

Types of Batching Mixers

Aimix provides different models of batch concrete mixer for each plant. For example, AJ-25 is equipped with JS500 twin-shaft mixer. And AJ-50 is equipped with JS1000 twin-shaft concrete mixer. And AJL-25 is equipped with planetary concrete mixer. Therefore, the plant mixer is also an element which can affect the batching cost.

Quantities of the Bins of Aggregate Batcher

Aimix can equip your batch mixing plant with 2 bins batching machine, 3 bins batching machine or 4 bins batching machine according to your requirement. Therefore, the total cost will differ due to the difference of the bins in the aggregate batching machine.

How Does A Concrete Batching Plant Work?

The concrete batching plant working principle can be divided into about six steps. What is more, here I show you a concrete batching plant video so that you can learn all the steps in detail.


Use a wheel loader to feed the several bins of aggregate batcher with sand, gravel or other materials.


The aggregate bather will weigh the materials and discharge them to the belt under the bins.


The belt conveys the weighed materials to a skip hoist or the belt conveyor.


The materials are conveyed to the concrete mixer. The cement, fly ash or other powder materials are conveyed to the concrete mixer by the screw conveyors. And the water and addictives are also added to the mixer at the same time.


The cement mixer starts to stir all the materials together.


The mixer discharges the ready-made concrete to a concrete mixing truck.

Concrete Batching Plant Parts

There are a few main concrete batching plant parts distributed in the five systems. Here I will enumerate them as below.

1. Concrete Mixing System

This system mainly concludes the batching plant mixer. Aimix offers you twin shaft cement mixer and planetary cement mixer for our plant.

2. Material Weighing System

The aggregate batching machine is mainly responsible for weighing all the aggregate materials. There is weighing system fixed under each discharging port of the bins. Hence, all the aggregate materials will be added strictly according to the formula. And the screw conveyors are in charge of weighing and conveying the powder materials. All of the weighing systems are under the control by the computer control system. It is easy to inspect all the processes through the computers.

3. Material Conveying System

There are two types of aggregate conveying, and one is belt conveyor and another one is skip hoist. What is more, the screw conveyor is responsible for the cement powder material conveying.

4. Material Storage System

The silo for batching plant is in charge of storing the cement or fly ash powder materials.

5. Computer Control System

The computer control system belongs to a fully automatic control system. Therefore, it will lower the working intensity for your stuffs and improve the working efficiency for producing the concrete mortar. Aimix can fix some cameras on the key points of the materials weighing and conveying system so that all the working processes will be under monitored. You can sit on the control room and operate all the processes through the computers.

Belt Conveyor
Belt Conveyor

silos of batching plant
Cement Silos

aggregate batching machine
Aggregate Batching Machine

Reasons on Why you Choose Aimix Group in Malaysia

If you engage in civil engineering industry, then you maybe hear Aimix Group from your friends. As one of the leading batching plant manufacturers in Malaysia, up to now, Aimix has sold countless automatic batching plants to Malaysia. And we can arrange you to visit our customers’ sites if you want to have a look at our concrete batching and mixing plant.

  • 1. Answer you in 10 minutes! Our online service staff will be always online to answer your questions. Besides, our sales can offer you unique solutions within 2 hours with PDF profile.
  • 2. Supply Various Sorts of Batching Plants in Malaysia! Aimix supplies various kinds of concrete plants, which can give you a wide selection ranges. Our products contains stationary type, mobile type, small type, dry mix type, wet batch type, belt type, hopper type and truck mounted type. Tell us your building projects and we will recommend you with right model and size to meet your demands.
  • 3. Aimix can provide you with customized configure for the batching plant machine. For example, we can customize different model, size, conveying methods, mixers for your unique demand.
  • 4. Make 3D Drawing for You! Tell us your venue size and location you want to set up the plant, and Aimix can supply you with 3D drawings to design your factory layout and foundation construction.
  • 5. Excellent After-sale Service! Aimix is a trustworthy concrete batching plant manufacturer in Malaysia. We not only have professional sales team but also the after-sale service team. Besides, Aimix has experienced engineers who can help each of our clients to install and maintain their machine for life long time.
  • 6. Provide All Categories of Construction Machines! Aimix is a comprehensive construction machines manufacturer and supplier. We have won a lot of praise from our customers due to our advanced product design and excellent after-sale service in Malaysia. Our business scope almost covers all kinds of construction machines, including concrete plant, asphalt plant, concrete mixer pump, twin-shaft concrete mixer, dry mortar plant, crusher plant and so on. Welcome to ask for quotation at any time.

After-Sale Service in Aimix Group

Contact Aimix Group if you have any questions or are interested in our batching plants. We will reply you with full details about the concrete batching plant technical specification, more concrete batching plant images or videos. Send your inquiry now!

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