3.5m3 Self Concrete Mixer Working Feedback from Malaysia

Our customer, Lim from Malaysia sent us some feedback for our 3.5m3 self concrete mixer lately. He bought this set of AS-3.5 mixer for making precast concrete products in Malaysia. And up to now, our mixer had been working for him for about two months, and our customer liked our machine very much and said it was a labor-saving machine for his precast concrete products projects. Here are the videos he sent us.

What Our Customer Say About AS-3.5?

Lim told us this AS-3.5 was perfect for his precast concrete products construction projects. And he had recommended aimix self loading mixer to his friends in Malaysia. Besides, Lim told us about four reasons why AS-3.5 was labor-saving for him.

  • 1. In the past few years, Lim always needed to hire 2 to 4 workers to manually stir the concrete, and 2 or more workers to convey the ready-made concrete to the molds. But right now, he only needs to hire one driver to operate the AS-3.5 and do all those work because our self-mixer can self-load cement or sand, self-mix concrete, self-convey the concrete, and self-discharge the concrete.
  • 2. Lim also said our mixer machine can control the quality of the concrete. There is a weighing system equipped on the self-loading bucket. Hence, the weight of the cement or sand materials can be precisely calculated。 In other words, the hardness or the proportion of the concrete can be controlled at each batch.
  • 3. AS-3.5 can produce about 3.5m3 of concrete for each batch. And each batch needs 15 minutes. These concrete output capacities are enough for making 15 pieces of the precase concrete products.
  • 4. There is a water tank on the mixer. Therefore, there is no need to hire extra work to add water to the mixer. What is more, the water tank is very useful to clean the inside of the mixer drum and the outside of the discharging ports and chutes.
  • 5. The self loading mixer can freely move in the factory due to its four-wheel steering. It is like a truck and only needs 1 one worker to drive it.

Here is another video of discharging concrete to the molds along with the chutes on Lim’s site. Contact AIMIX if you have the same need for our self-loading machine.

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