Dry Mortar Production Line

Dry mortar production line is mainly composed for hoist machine, premixed warehouse, small silo, mixer, finished product warehouse, packaging machine, dust collector, electric control cabinet, gas phase balance system. We can offer these various dry mortar equipment. If you have needs or want to learn more information, you can directly email us.


Various Types of Dry Mortar Production Line

  1. According to the design type, it can be divided into the step type, tower type, and simple type.

The simple type.

The simple type mainly consists of a gravity-free mixer, a dry power silo, a packing spiral, and the others. The production line has low investment and quick effect. It is suitable for initial investment.

  • According to the properties of the finished product, it can be divided into the special dry mortar plant, common dry mortar plant, and inorganic thermal insulation mortar mixing plant.
  • According to the control method, is is divided into the full-auto mixing plant, semi-auto dry mortar plant.

The semi-auto mortar plant.

The semi automatic type mainly consists of a gravity-free mixer, a finished silo, a packing machine, a bucket elevator, a mixing chamber, a dust collector, an air pressure system, and a control system. The production line just needs a small investment. In addition, it has high output and good work environment. It is suitable for most investors to choose.

The automatic mortar plant.

The automatic type mainly consists of many systems including the high efficiency mixing system, storage system, conveying system, lifting system, weighing system, packing system, dust removal system, material level control system, alarm system, air pressure system, machine control system, etc. In addition, the customers can add the other systems such as crushing system, screening system, and drying system. Of course, the production line needs large investment, but the rate if return is also high. It is suitable for large and medium-sized cities.

The Drying System

The drying system is a core of the entire mortar plant and a key point in determining overall production efficiency. With the maturity of the cylinder dryer technology, the overall production efficiency of the cylinder dryer is divided into 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 and other series.

The Drying Equipment

The heat source selection of the drying equipment can be selected from a hot air furnace, a boiling, furnace, and others. The selection of drying equipment is mainly based on local conditions.

The Screening System

The screening system can use a single stage linear vibrating screen, or can add a vibrating crushing device. The screening system has different selection points. According to the actual sand selection, the customers can select suitable products for operation.

Mixing System

The mixing system generally adopts the spiral belt mixer, twin shafts propeller mixer, and coulter blade mixer. Generally speaking, the single mixer type can stir more fully, especially for some small additives, so it can be used to produce special mortar. The twin shafts mixer machine has the characteristics of high mixing precision, high speed, low energy consumption and stable operation. It is suitable for the production of ordinary mortar.

Weighing System

According to the different purpose with a variety of materials, the dry mortar is produced. Among them, according to the process requirements and the proportion of the formulation of various materials, it is important to ensure the quality of the product and the normal operation of the production line. On the basis of the the introduce of advanced technology, we have long studied the characteristics of various materials and accumulate a wealth of practical experience, which solves the problem of fast and accurate ingredients.

Metering System

First of all, the customers need carefully learn the characteristics of various materials. According to design requirements and technical solutions including the feeding sequence, fast and precision feeding equipment form and configuration, material of weighing bin, model specification of load cell and installation adjustment method, metering ingredients display and control system, etc., which can help the users get the accurate metering.

 Dry Mortar Production Line Working Principle

The mixing speed of the twin shaft mixer machine is quite fast, which make the mixing uniform and the production capacity high. The finished product mixed in the mixer equipment is quickly opened to the finished silo for buffering and storage. The finished silo and the packing machine can be connected, which can make it metering and packing. For some users with particularly large production volume can add the belt conveyors at the rear of the packing machine to deliver the finished product directly to the reasonable ares or truck. we have standard production line system, which ensure the customers get the excellent products.

Professional Dry Mortar Production Line For Sale

Dry mortar is a new type of environmental friendly building materials. Its superior product performance has been widely recognized. It is revolutionary change compared to traditional building materials and construction methods. It will surely make a qualitative leap  in the construction and use of many countries. As the reliable and professional manufacturer and supplier, we have the standard dry mortar production line. At the same, we hop our own customers can get high quality products and standard dry mortar for business.

Why To Choose Professional Dry Mortar Production Line from Us?

  1. We pay attention to manufacture dry mortar mixing plant, dry mortar mixer, dry mortar production line, and large dry mortar equipment.
  2. We have the technology research and development with several decades. We have professional service team will provide customers with professional and complete investment and construction solutions for the research and planning.
  3. Our firm can provide the clients with affordable price. We can create a dry mortar equipment suitable for customers with cost-effective.
  4. We have professional service team all over the world. We can offer full service and reasonable technical support.
  5. If the customers have some needs, we can customize the high standard dry mortar devices for customer’s business.

If you want to learn more dry mortar production line equipment applications, you can consult our staff. We have professional experience to help you get high quality products. If you are interested in our equipment, please get in touch with us as soon as possible.

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