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AIMIX GROUP is one of the comprehensive manufacturers of various kinds of construction products, including batching plants, self loading mixture machines, concrete pumps, asphalt plants, and so on. I list some machine working videos or shipping videos below so that you can learn more details about aimix and aimix machines. Contact us if you need futher information now.

Batching Plants Videos

Aimix has over 500 sets of batching plants installing and working in the whole world, including Malaysia, the Philippines, Pakistan, UZ, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, East Timor, Kenya, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Peru, and so on.

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Self Loading Mixers Videos

There are over 5000 sets of self-loading machines of AIMIX GROUP working for our customers for various construction projects. Because Aimix self-loading mixture machine belongs to an easy-operated on-site mixer. Hence, it is a hot sale all around the world.

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Concrete Pumps Videos

There are two types of concrete pumps for sale in AIMIX GROUP. One is concrete mixing type and another one is concrete pumping trailer type. You can learn these two types from the following working videos.

Concrete Mixing Pumps Videos

It can not only mix the concrete but also pump the concrete from one place to another place. Therefore, aimix concrete mixing pumps can ba applied to various construction projects in Malaysia.

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Trailer Pumps Videos

It only has one function, and that is to pump the ready-made concrete mixture from one position to another position. Trailer concrete pumps usually cooperate with a concrete truck or self-loading mixer equipment to do the placing of concrete for a high building or large foundation.

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Asphalt Plants Videos

Aimix has mobile type, small type, and stationary type asphalt plants for sale. Here are some working videos to show their working procedures.

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