Concrete Batching Machine

A concrete batching machine is an automated device of the quantitative dispensing of a variety of materials such as sand, etc. It mainly is used in the concrete construction industry to replace manual scales or volume measurements. The weighing system adopts the weight controller and sensor. It has many function. When it needs weighing, batching, and controlling the materials, the machine can automatically modify the drop.

AJ-60 Concrete Plant Machine Working

Wide Applications of Concrete Batching Machine

It can be used for concrete mixer.

It can be directly fed by the mixer lifting hopper.

It can be picked up by the belt conveyor.

Main Categories of Concrete Batching Machine

According to the material levels, it can be divided into one silo, two silos, three silos, and four silos. If the customers have needs, we can customize the standard and non-standard silos. In conclusion, we have the full experience to design the reasonable silos. In addition, it has different sizes to meet the clients’ requirements.

Concrete Batching Machine Capacity

According to the matched mixer model, it can be divided into PL (D) 800, 1200, 1600, 2400, 3200, 4800, etc. If the customers have other requirements, our professional designers can meet the special demands the users want to purchase. We are professional manufacturer and supplier in China about the concrete batching plant or aggregate batching machine. No matter what you need a concrete plant, or a concrete machine, we can offer the customized product. If you are interested in it, please contact us as soon as possible.

Concrete Batching Machine Types

According to the method of batching measurement, it can be divided into centralized measurement of each material, individual measurement of each material. There are divided into three methods with separating weighing, concentrated weighing, and belt weighing.

Separating Weighing

The upper part of its structure is mostly the raw material storage hopper. The lower part is the metering bucket. The bottom is the unloading conveyor belt. The storage hopper is used for storing the raw materials to be matched. The belt is conveyed directly under the bottom of the storage hopper.

The Principle

At the beginning of the batching, the belt conveyor starts to take out the raw materials in the storage hopper to the set value,then the belt stops. Under the control of the control instrument, several materials are arranged in sequence. After all the materials are configured, the instrument control activates the unloading belt to feed the material to the next step.

Concentrated weighing

The structure of the upper part is the raw material storage hopper, which increases the  the storage capacity with heightening plate. The lower part is a measuring bucket. Under the batching, it can be equipped with an integral measuring bucket, so that the materials are sequentially put into the same measuring bucket. The finished metering material is sent to the next step by the bottom belt conveyor. Centralized measurement means that a plurality of materials are sequentially measured in a unified measuring bucket. Each material value is set by the measuring instrument.

Concrete Batching Machine Components and Systems

It is mainly composed of the feeding system, weighing system, and electrical control system.

Feeding system

It consists of a storage hopper and a feeding device. Under the control system, it can store materials and feed the weighing hopper. The system form has PLD 800-1200 type. It can be feed for belt conveyor.

Machine feeding method

Before the work, the loader supplies sand and stone materials to each storage hopper separately. Manual feeding can be used when the batching machine is installed underground.

Weighing system

The weighing system is a key part of the batching machine. It consists of a hopper, a suspension device, a weighing system sensor, and a batching controller.

Electrical control system

It is the core component of the batching machine. It can complete various automatic batching producers for the entire batching machine with weighing, displaying, and operating. The system is mainly composed of two parts with the batching control instrument and the strong electric circuit.

Concrete Batching Machine for Sale

Aimix group has high reputation from the worldwide. It not only has many difference offices, but also has high standard after-sales service to help the users. In addition, we have our own factory to design and manufacture various products. If the customers want to customize the part of product or other special machines, please get in touch with us as soon as possible. We will spare no effort to help you. Our products have exported to more than 100 countries and region from all over the world like America, Russia, Vietnam, Laos, Pakistan, Philippine, Indonesia, India, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Chili, South Africa, Nigeria, Thailand, Malaysia, etc. If you are interested in our products, or want to learn more details, please inquiry us as soon as possible.

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