mobile self loading concrete mixer truck

4.0m3 Mobile Self Loading Mixer Truck Packaged and Shipped to Jamaica

Aimix just packaged and shipped one set of 4.0m3 mobile self loading mixer truck to Jamaica. Please go on reading for more packaging and shipping details. Our customer found AIMIX GROUP from Google and sent us an inquiry about our self loading mixer machines. What kind of construction project can you use our self loading …

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One Set of 3.5m3 Self Loading Concrete Machine Packed and Shipped to Malaysia

Today, I am going to share a case with you about our 3.5m3 self loading concrete machine exported to Malaysia. This set of AS-3.5 self loading concrete machine was ordered by one of our customers from Malaysia about 20 days ago. And now, AIMIX has completed the production of this machine and is ready to …

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self loading cement mixer

3.5m3 Self Concrete Mixer Working Feedback from Malaysia

Our customer, Lim from Malaysia sent us some feedback for our 3.5m3 self concrete mixer lately. He bought this set of AS-3.5 mixer for making precast concrete products in Malaysia. And up to now, our mixer had been working for him for about two months, and our customer liked our machine very much and said …

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3.5 Cubic Auto Loading Concrete Mixer Shipped to Malaysia

One more good news for Aimix Group. There is one customer from Malaysia who just ordered a set of AS-3.5 auto loading concrete mixer. And now Aimix is packing the machine and ready for delivery this machine to the hand of our customer. Here I will show some pictures of the shipping pictures. Why Is …

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auto loading concrete mixer

1 Set of AS-3.5 Self Loading Mixer Truck Was Exported to Malaysia

One set of Aimix AS-3.5 self loading mixer truck was exported to Malaysia in March. Its mixing capacity is about 14m3 per hour, which can be used as a small batching plant to supply your small-scaled construction projects. Applications of AS-3.5: Aimix 3.5m3 self loading mixer truck is the most popular size for Malaysian market. …

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One 1.2m3 Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck Shipped to Malaysia

AS-1.2 self loading concrete mixer truck was shipping to Malaysia. Our engineer would pack it into the container after testing it to make sure the machine is all right. Its concrete mixing capacity is 4.8m3 per hour. Features of AS-1.2 Its machine frame is smaller, which is easy to drive and operate on site. Its …

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self loading concrete mixer

3.5m3 Self Loading Mobile Concrete Mixer Working in Malaysia

An AS-3.5 self loading mobile concrete mixer was exported to Malaysia a few days ago. And now we have received some feedback from our customers. They use our self loading mixer for factory road construction work. There is a water tank on the mixer to self-supply water for the concrete batching process. Only one driver …

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