One Set of 3.5m3 Self Loading Concrete Machine Packed and Shipped to Malaysia

Today, I am going to share a case with you about our 3.5m3 self loading concrete machine exported to Malaysia. This set of AS-3.5 self loading concrete machine was ordered by one of our customers from Malaysia about 20 days ago. And now, AIMIX has completed the production of this machine and is ready to pack and ship this machine to the hand of our customer in Malaysia. Please go on reading to learn more about this case details.

self loading machine

self loading concrete mixture
self loading mixture

Order Details

  • How Does This Customer Find Us?: Actually, this customer finds AIMIX website through Google searching.

  • Model Selecting: Our sales asked our customer about the self loading machine capacities he need, and the application he want to use the machine. Afterwards, our sales recommended the AS-3.5A model for him. This customer wants to use our mixer machine for his road paving construction in Malaysia. And AS-3.5 can produce 14m3 concrete per hour, which is perfect for his requirement.

Machine Packing and Shipping Details

After our customer made his choice for buying AS-3.5A, and we started the production of this set of self-loading machine at once. And we have finished the production after 20 days. Today, we are packing this machine and ready to ship this machine to Malaysia. I will list some packing details below. Besides, you can also have a look at the packing pictures below.

  • 1. Before packing the machine, AIMIX engineers test the whole machine to make sure every part is running well in our factory.

  • 2. Aimix uses shipping transportation way to deliver this machine. Besides, we arrange a truck to deliver the machine to the port and wait for the shipping.

  • 3. Aimix engineers disassemble the mixer drum apart from the main frame.

  • 4. Then, they fix the truck and open the gate of the container on the truck.

  • 5. Afterwards, they first put the mixer drum into the inside of the truck container.

  • 6. Next, one of the engineers drives the machine slowly to the truck. They lay an inclined plate at the front of the truck gate so that the machine can be driven to the truck successfully.

  • 7. There are at least two or three engineers working for the whole process of packing the auto loading mixer truck. And each part of our self-loading machine is well packed with plastic film to prevent any damage. Hence, our machine can be well-protected and delivered to the hand of our customer.

  • 8. What is more, aimix will put the installation manual along with the machine in the container.

  • 9. After all the parts are put into the truck, our engineers will seal the truck gate.

  • 10. Finally, the driver will start the truck and transport the 3.5m3 self loading machine to the port.

  • 11. And about 15 days later, the machine will be successfully shipped to the port of Malaysia. Then our customer can go to the custom for picking up the machine.

self loading concrete mixer plant
self loading mixer

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