Small Concrete Pump

Small concrete pump is widely used in the rural construction, bridge, bridge, roads, and other construction spaces. Especially for the rural areas, it is suitable. As we know, the roads or urban construction are relatively narrower. There is now a small concrete pump developed specifically for the rural construction market. The product body is dexterous and has a small footprint. The machine chassis is added to the mixing and towing pump, which can be easily moved at the construction site.

Small Concrete Pump for Sale
Small Concrete Pump for Sale

Popular Small Portable Concrete Pump

Small portable concrete pump has advanced design and is suitable for many different places including the narrow rural roads, poor passing conditions and narrow space restrictions, which brings mature and advanced concrete mechanization construction model for countryside. With development of construction machinery investment, the portable concrete pump has good market needs. It is used in the construction of rural water conservancy, roads, housing and other infrastructure. Because of the growing demands in the rural market, the state of construction machinery in rural areas has been thoroughly studied and the small concrete pump has been developed. Because of the various advantages, it helps the society and country build better development.

electric mixer pump
ABJS40D Electric Mixer Pump
concrete pump mixer for sale
ABJS40D Electric Mixer Pump

Various Advantages of Small Concrete Pump

  1. The lubrication system of small concrete pump truck adopts automatic various points for lubrication technology, which is one-to-one lubrication. The way has better effect and can effectively extend the service life of wearing parts.
  2. We have the self-developed energy-saving control system automatically, which matches the engine output with load changes, and the fuel consumption is reduced to low.
  3. 20 meters rural special small mixed hydraulic control hydraulic system is very popular. The hydraulic pressure can be transmission signal, which makes the operation more simple and reliable, and improves the reversing speed of the swing cylinder.
  4. It has small footprint and flexible structure system for daily operation.
  5. It has light weight. The pump design has reasonable design structure with design width, total weight and height in line with the requirements of rural roads. It is easy to dive on narrow and rugged country roads.
  6. It has flexible construction. In the limited space of the venue, the machine can also be flexibly constructed. For outdoor construction or above indoor obstacles, it can effectively prevent damage caused by the top of the boom, which effectively solves the problem of difficult housing, road, and water conservancy construction in urbanization construction.
  7. Ir has efficient and low consumption. In conclusion, it can increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption.
  8. It has strong and sturdy. The world’s leading automatic brazing technology. The alloy and the substrate are firmly embedded. It has high wear resisting and wearing parts. The performance is greatly improved, which creates greater value for customers. It enhances the long service life.
Excellent Small Concrete Mixer Pump for Sale

Popular Small Concrete Mixer

Good Development Demands Of Small Concrete Pump in China

Concrete is the most widely used and mature building material in the world. In addition, it has many advantages of low cost, high strength and high safety. In the world, concrete is widely used in housing, road, railway, water conservancy and other engineering projects. The advantage of concrete is inseparable from the automation of concrete construction machinery. However, in some small places or without good development spaces, some large concrete pump cannot be popularized due to restrictions on access roads and construction sites. So, our company produces various types and meet clients’ requirements.

We have a series of small concrete pumps like ABJZD-30, ABJZC-30, ABJSD-30, ABJSC-30, etc. They have the electric type and diesel type. Of course, you can choose portable concrete pump, or mobile concrete pump. According to different types, the concrete pump has many different functions and wide applications. In addition, they are light and flexible, which can easily adapt to the harsh construction conditions in rural areas.

High Reliability and Safety of Small Concrete Pump

Safety construction is the patron saint of life. So, people are aware of the importance of building safety. Concrete has wide use value in the construction around the world. It can as a building structure with better earthquake resistance and safety. In addition, small type is very popularized in the urbanization of rural areas. Aimix has aeries of small concrete pump machine types. They adopt the cutting-edge measuring equipment and construction technology, to provide higher quality concrete for construction projects, which ensure the safety of the building from the source.

Small Concrete Pump Working
Small Concrete Pump Safety

High Quality Structure and Reliability of Small Concrete Pump

Our products have the high concrete quality and stable quality. We adopt the cutting-edge metering equipment and technology. In addition, we can ensure accurate coagulation for the measurement of raw materials such as sand, stone, cement and fly ash, etc. We have the high power mixer. The concrete is fully stirred, because it has good work ability and high strength. The pump truck can continuously pump concrete to ensure the overall shape of the create and the quality of the project is relatively good. The concrete fabric is completed by the pump boom pipe, which has high precision and low waste.

High Quality Small Concrete Pump for Sale

As the reliable concrete pump manufacturer and supplier in China, we have the abundant experience to design and produce the various machine types. It has high quality engineering. It can be used in the housing building, water conservancy, highway construction and other projects. They adopt the modern machinery construction, advanced process, which improves the quality and safety.

Small concrete pump not only brings more convenience and higher efficiency to rural infrastructure construction with advanced technology and high quality. Our firm has excellent pre-sales and after sales service, which makes the customers find out right and good products. If you want to improve your project and improve the business value, you can buy the small type. You just need have small investment and get large benefits. If you want to learn more high quality products, please get in touch with us as soon as possible.

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