Portable Concrete Pump

Portable concrete pump is the machinery equipment with electric system and hydraulic system. It has reliable performance and standard operation system. It is widely used in the floor heating engineering, roof, high-rise building walls, reservoirs, hydroelectric power station, ports, docks, tunnel, subway, mine, and other small places.

diesel concrete pump
ABJZ40C Concrete Mixer Pump
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ABT40C Diesel Concrete Pump

Various Advantages of Diesel Small Portable Concrete Pump

  1. The machine has automatic lubrication system, which ensures continuous operation of the equipment for a long time.
  2. We high-quality accessories, electronic list of spare parts, which help customers make accurate and fast selection, so as to avoid worries.
  3. We have excellent selection, and equipment for internationally renowned brand parts.
  4. We use 3D equipment and finite element analysis for the whole machine and key components in order to obtain higher safety performance;
  5. We have excellent patent technology. It adopts independent cooling and filtering system, hydraulic system with low oil temperature, which ensures small impact and high reliability.
  6. We use the intelligent electronic control system, and the diesel engine speed control computer automatic control technology, which improves energy saving and environmental protection.
High Quality structure pump
ABJZ40C Diesel Concrete Mixer Pimp
concrete pump electric
ABJS40D Electric Mixer Pump

It is the ideal concrete conveying equipment for areas with harsh natural conditions and remote areas where electricity is scarce.

Small Portable Concrete Pump

The products adopts a spiral feeding slurry. In addition, it has the characteristics of large displacement, high pressure, labor saving, and flexible movement. It is the ideal concrete conveying equipment. If your operation needs in the narrow built environments, you can choose the portable small concrete pump. Because, the pump has light weight and can be easy to move.

Portable Diesel Concrete Pump for Sale
Small Diesel Concrete Pump for Sale

In addition, the pump has high configuration, hydraulic operation, stable performance, compact structure, low failure rate and long service life. It can be transported horizontally or vertically to the concrete of the fine aggregate concrete conveying equipment at the pouring site. So, if you are interested in small portable pump machine, please contact us as soon as possible. We will give the reasonable small portable concrete pump price.

Mini Portable Concrete Pump

Although the type has light weight, it has good operation performance. It can convey floor heating cement, mortar, fine aggregate concrete and other materials. In addition, it can complete various engineering constructions. It can protect construction of the ecological environment. Of course, it has many advantages for daily portable operation.

popular concrete diesel pump
Diesel Concrete Pump
Professional Concrete Pump for Sale
  1. Th machine reduces the weight load of building materials and greatly manual labor.
  2. It improves construction efficiency and save costs.
  3. The machine runs stably, with less dust, low noise and easy to clean.
  4. It is suitable for small and medium-sized grouting projects.
  5. It has the function of mixing and grouting operation.
  6. The machine has wear parts, long service life, low cost parts.

Portable Concrete Pump

Portable concrete pump has high quality structure and simple design systems for movement. Generally speaking, we can design the product with small types, which be convenient for to operate and move. In addition, it has a series of arrangement of power take-off device, concrete pumping device, cloth device, control system, etc. In conclusion, it is the ideal equipment for customers to choose the pump in harsh environment and condition.

High standard concrete pump parts for sale

Portable Concrete Pump for Sale

Service And Support

Aimix has several manufacturing workshops, which can produce every parts of concrete pumps. In addition, we have professional team to help you get right products for your business. We still help the customers solve the transportation lines.

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We have abundant experience to design and manufacture the products for customers. For a long time, we are committed to creating and offering the most suitable products and services in building construction enterprises.

After -sales Service

We have the professional after sales service group. We can offer the reasonable technique support and engineers serve overseas. Our professional team can offer a series of equipment safety. If you have some problems, you can contact us.

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