Ready Mix Concrete Batching Plant

The ready mix concrete batching plant is the equipment which has mandatory and high-efficiency. It can produce plastic, dry-hard concrete, fluid concrete, lightweight aggregate concrete and other concrete types. It has high production efficiency and is mainly used in the prefabrication of concrete products. Of course, it is the ideal equipment for concrete.

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AJ-50 concrete plant in Pakistan 

Ready Mix Concrete Batch Plant For Sale

Ready mix concrete plant belongs to concrete batching plant. It is the important type for dealing with concrete operation. The entire design adopts the computer control. Of course, you can also operate the machine automatically or manually. So, it can be easy to operate and easy to master. The panel can display detail information and can clearly understand the operation of each component, which can manage the concrete plat according to data. In addition, the plant has beautiful appearance and reasonable structure layout. The steel structure adopts the standard design model. It has reliable structure and high safety factor. The interior is spacious and has a high utilization rate.

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AJY-35 concrete plant in Uzbekistan

Ready Mix Concrete Batch Plant Cost

Of course, the ready mix plant model has reasonable cost for many clients. The equipment cost is low. Of course, the relocation is very convenient. The entire machine adopts many advanced technologies. For example, the control system adopts the advanced automatic control model and the it is equipped with manual control, which can easily realize manual, automatic control and conversion of the production process. In addition, the electrical control system adopts the imported parts, which are reliable in performance and convenient to operate and use.

The whole set of equipment is easy to maintain and repair. Of course, it just low cost for your investment. the plant accessories are all standard parts in the same industry. For even some special parts, we adopt the special materials to manufacture high quality products. For example, if you need to work in the harsh environment like cold environment, we adopt the special material to protect the product surface and help the plant finish task.



Mobile Ready Mix Concrete Batch Plant

Mobile concrete batching plant has quick and easy installation type. In addition, it has good advantage. When the operator needs to move the entire machine, we can easily move the mobile ready mix concrete batching plant. Why do you need a mobile batching plant? When you work in the construction sites for short time, then you need to move next condition, you maybe need professional concrete batch plant products for your business. Owing to the simple assembled structure, mobile concrete batching plants can be installed in a very short time on a simple concrete foundation and get easily ready for concrete production.

Mobile New Batch Plant
Mobile New Batch Plant
Popular Batch Plant for Sale
Popular Batch Plant for Sale
  1. The main mixer of concrete plant adopts JS series double shaft forced mixer, which has many advantages with good uniformity of mixing concrete, short mixing time.
  2. It has long service life of wearing parts, high automation program, stable operation, simple operation and convenient maintenance.
  3. The type adopts the latest design ideas of electronic weighing, microcomputer control system, digital display and other control technology systems.
  4. The sand loading system adopts belt feeding, which is an ideal choice for the customers about the majority of construction units to produce high quality concrete and get professional concrete.

Ready Mix Concrete Batching Plant Design

  1. The entire machine has good maintenance performance. In addition, it has a walkway or ladder that is directly visible and has sufficient operating space. The plant can be fully enclosed or semi-enclosed to ensure that all operations can be carried out in an unimpeded manner.
  2. In addition, it has excellent environmental performance. All powdered materials are processed in a sealed state from loading, batching, metering, feeding to agitation. The fully enclosed structure of the mixing body and the aggregate belt conveyor greatly reduces the pollution caused by dust and noise to the environment. It is equipped with a sand separator and a sewage recovery system to achieve zero emissions. The cement silo can be completely encapsulated according to the customer’s needs in order to meet the dust removal requirements of the cement silo.



Concrete Mixer
Cement Silo
AJ-50 Type

Ready Mix Concrete Batching Plant Manufacturers In China

As the reliable ready mix concrete batching plant manufacturers and supplier in China, we has professional knowledge and skills to design and manufacture various products according to the clients’ requirements. In addition, we have the standard design model. Of course, we can do the non standard design to customize the products according to demands. We can consider the clients’ ideals and give the reasonable advice. Of course, if you have some problems including the transportation, price, after sales services, or other problems, we will give the perfect solution for these problems. In addition, we have professional design team and excellent after sales services. In China, we have the good position condition for some customers, we can offer various transportation models. If you have needs and you want to find out the professional concrete plant manufacturers, please get in touch with us as soon as possible.

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