Planetary Concrete Mixer

The main functions of planetary concrete mixer is initially to solve the mixing difficulties of the concrete industry. The mixer machine is suitable for small aggregate and get the better mixing results. It can help various industries deal with large amount of fine, and high quality stirring. The mixer machine mainly used for building materials, refractory, foundry, chemical and many other industries. In addition, the machine stirring also includes no physical or mechanical damage to the raw materials.

Planetary Concrete Mixer for Sale
Planetary Concrete Mixer for Sale
Planetary Mixer Operation
Planetary Mixer Transportation

What Is A planetary Mixer

The concrete mixer machine belongs to the various mixing types with kinds of materials. In the stirring process, it will form the unique material flow. Although the single stirring and mixing, with kneading and mixing process.

The planetary mixer produces forced stirring of the mixture by turning up, down, and mixing. The intensity of the stirring action is high. There is no dead angle. The stirring material is completely and thoroughly reached the standard of decomposition, stirring, and mixing.

However, it has strong solution ability. The various types can be suitable for applications and functions.

Planetary Concrete Mixer Price

In fact, there are various types of concrete mixer machine. Do you want to get the details about the crane, please directly  email us. We are online on 24 hours. We can offer the free quote according to different sizes and types. Or, you can learn more mixer parameters, you will learn more information. If you don’t sure any problems, our professionals will help you get the right one and mixer price. Welcome to consult us.

Concrete Mixer Machine Design

Lots of type parts of our concrete mixers are imported from Germany, and America like the mixing arms, mixing blades, reducers, discharge doors, and other hydraulic and electrical components. In addition, some parts come from the our advanced technology production. There are some standard raw material equipment, in conclusion, which will save more time for customers.There are many outstanding design features.

* When people use small particle aggregates for production, they are much better than the twin shaft concrete mixer. Because the small particle aggregates can be better mixer in vertical shaft mixers.

* It has low noise and creates q quiet and comfortable working environment.

* It has the top quality structure design and machine production.

* It has long service life and low maintenance.

Planetary Mixer

It adopts the advanced technology from Germany and researches innovation productions. The entire machine has reliable structure and high efficiency working model. In addition, there is no dead angle and the better mixing.

Transmission setting

There are standard motor, reducer, the gearbox, etc about the structure design. Many parts adopt the our own technology. Even under serve production conditions, the power can be effectively distributed to each mixing device, which ensure the normal operation of the mixer. The machine can achieve the goals of high stability, low maintenance costs, and higher operational reliability.

The movement track

The revolution and rotation of the stirring blade are determined through in-depth research and continuous testing, so that the productivity of the mixer can be obtained without mixing the aggregates of various particle sizes and specific gravity without segregation. The material trajectory in the mixing drum is smooth and continuous. When the revolving body rotates once, the movement track of the stirring blade covers the whole stirring cylinder.

The mixing device

When the planetary shaft with blades installed in the mixing drum rotates, for the compound actions such as squeezing and turning, which the material are forcedly stirred. Effectively improve the utilization and life of the blade, and designed a special discharge scraper for the discharge speed to improve productivity.

Unloading device

According to different requirements of customers, they can choose the right unloading type. Of course, some customers can choose to customize the product. The discharge door has the sealing device, which can ensure the reliable control.

Planetary Concrete Mixer for Sale

In conclusion, the product has standard design structure and good performance. The structure design, it has novel style and compact structure. For some users, it has convenient installation and low maintenance, which can save more time and money.

There are no slurry leakage problems. Of course, it has reasonable price, which helps the customers get large economic benefits.

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