Concrete Mixer Information

Concrete mixer information for sale has various details about concrete mixer types and tons. There are different operation methods. In addition, according to different requirements, it has wide applications and many functions. If you are interested in our products, please get in touch with us as soon as possible.

JS1000 concrete mixer
JS2000 concrete mixer

Concrete Mixer Management

It uses frequency conversion and soft start technology. From the analysis of energy consumption, the main energy-consuming equipment in the concrete production system is the concrete mixer. There is aggregate conveyor belt and powder batching screw machine. The batching screw machine is generally jogging, with frequent movements. It belongs to a heavy load start. The use of soft-start technology can well solve the problem of starting current shock, which can protect the equipment and reduce energy consumption. It can kill two birds with one stone. It can be seen that, through the peak and valley balance effect of the frequency conversion technology.  The unit energy consumption of concrete production can be effectively reduced.

JSS500 concrete mixer
JSS1000 concrete mixer

Scientific management

From the perspective of actual production, the main reason for the impact of concrete production efficiency is vehicle scheduling. On the one hand, equipment is idle due to uneven production and unscheduled vehicle scheduling. On the other hand is the increase in unit energy consumption due to waste. These two problems can be solved through the improvement of management techniques.

JDC500 concrete mixer
JDC1000 concrete mixer

Concrete Mixer Efficiency for Sale

With economic development, resource shortages and environmental pollution have become increasingly serious social problems. Technical innovation of the concrete production system can effectively reduce energy consumption, and remissions. It can  improve the efficiency of concrete production and recycling.

Planetary concrete mixer
Planetary concrete mixer for sale

Concrete Mixer Operation 

The working radii of the mixing blades intersect each other, and the blades form a certain angle with the center line of the shaft. When the mixing shaft rotates, the blades on the one hand drive the mixture to make circular movements in the two mixing cylinders in turn, rolling up and down, and simultaneously. In the meeting or overlapping part, the common area of the mixed material is exchanged between the two axes; on the other hand. The mixed material is pushed along the direction of the stirring axis. It can continuously moves from the rotation plane to the other rotation plane. Compared with the self-falling concrete mixer, this kind of mixing method has a stronger effect and is mainly suitable for mixing dry hard concrete.

Concrete Mixer Development

Its working principle has professional guidance. It is equipped with spiral mixing blades, and various materials are continuously weighed according to the mixing ratio and sent to the mixer. The mixed concrete is continuously discharged from the discharge end. It has various advantages of continuous concrete mixer with short mixing time and high productivity.

With the development of concrete materials and construction technology, many new types of concrete mixers have appeared in succession, such as steam-heated mixers, sonic mixers, swing plate mixers without stirring blades, and concrete mixers types.

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