Large Cement Silo

Aimix Concrete Mixing Plant Silo

Large cement silo has various construction capacities. In our company, there are various silo types including horizontal silo, bag type silo, transportation of silo, etc. Among them, the bolted type silo is very popular. as the concrete plant manufacturer, we have standard silo production experience. If you need the cement silo types and tons, we can customize the silo what want to get.

Large Cement Silo Exported to Bolivia

Cement Silo Transportation Way According to Sizes and Customers” demands

Overall Transportation
Split Transportation

Cement Silo China

We are from China. There are high reputation and excellent brand. Aimix group has professional experience and excellent service. For some demands, silo manufacturer make the first for customers’ requirements. China has good transportation condition and full source. If you are interested in our products, you can visit our factory production in China. Welcome to get high standard silo information.

High Sealing Cement Silo

Cement Silo for Sale

There are advanced technology and professional knowledge in our company. It is very important to correctly use the silos. For some cement silo types and cement tanks, we can customize these different models. We look forward to your cooperation.

Cement Silo Types:

bolted type silo
horizontal silo
container type silo
bay type silo
stackable type silo

How Does A Cement Silo Work

The silo is one of the main auxiliary equipment of concrete mixing plant equipment. It is very important to use the operation method of silo correctly. So, how can we operate scientifically and correctly in the normal work of commercial concrete batching plant?

Large Silo Safety Operation

  1. When you make the silo work, the operator need check the horizontal plane. The concrete mixing plant silo need being firmly welded to the foundation embedded parts.
  2. After the storage bin is fixed, the cement is transmission pipeline of the bulk cement truck, which is connected to the feed pipeline of the cement tanks.
  3. Through the high and low material levels, the users can observe the warehouse full and lack of materials.
  4. When the cement conveying device like screw conveyor fails, firstly close the manual discharge valve at the bottom of the cone to prevent cement from overflowing and causing waste.
  5. For some demands, we can offer the free installation and maintenance.

low level cement silo for sale

Low level silo has many types in our company like horizontal silo including the frame silo, container type, stackable type, wheel type. These products can be accepted with customization. If you have needs, please inquiry us with free. We have professionals give the reasonable price about silo.

Buy cement silo

Wanna to get high quality cement silo types. If you have needs, please get in touch with us as soon as possible. There are various types and tons. Some customers can visit our website and cases, which can help you learn more information. Please contact us sooner.

Cement Silo Construction

Owing to different types, the operators need to purchase and install the silo construction. For some large cement silo installation, we can offer the necessary help.

mobile cement silo

For some customers, our brand has various types. There are many mobile silos like horizontal silo. It has various types including the frame silo, container type, stackable type, wheel type. Among them, the wheel type has standard wheels according to needs. It can help you get high efficiency movement. If you have needs, please get in touch with us as soon as possible.

portable cement silo

Portable silo has also various types like horizontal silo, bag type silo, and bolted type silo. The horizontal silo has the frame silo, container type, stackable type, wheel type. In fact, these silos can be portable according to the silo size. Especially for the wheel type, it has standard four wheels. In addition, it can be connected with your car. Of you can choose the manual operation. So, it offer the more convenient and portable.

cement silo design

According to the our company’s silo model, you can learn the bolted type and horizontal type. You can choose the right one depending on the operation model. Its; design has reasonable structure operation. Through the picture, you can learn more information. If you want to learn other types, please inquiry us and please free find us. We will offer the excellent service.

Design Advantages of Bolted Silo

* It adopts high -quality steel plate and seamless welding technology. The tank body is more durable.

* It has multi-layer spray pint on the surface. In addition, it has anti-corrosion paint on the bottom. It has high quality metal paint on the surface.

* It has standard mechanical design. It has various advantages about design like sturdy and durable, beautiful appearance.

* According to the customers’ requirements, it can be customized about color and various types.

* It can be equipped with a dust removal system to absorb some suspended particles, which can effectively reduce the suspended particles of raw materials in the cement tank from overflowing the outside of the silo. What’s more, it has the good environment.

Cement Silo Price

In fact, we have our own silo factory. We adopt the standard raw materials which are from professional manufacturer. In addition, we have excellent team and design the silo like the leg height and width, etc. These can help the customers save more price. If you want to have the basic price, please email us. We have professionals and help you.

Cement Silo Manufacturers

Aimix is the concrete batching plant manufacturer and supplier. As the same time, we are the cement silo manufacturers. We have the silo factory and many standard certificates. Or, you can learn more exported cases from all over the world. There are professionals and help you. If you have needs, please get in touch with us as soon as possible.

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