Belt Type Concrete Batching Plant

Belt type concrete batching plant plays the great importance in construction industry. It can be quickly installed in the working sites according to the requirements. It can has the standard and independent control room in the process, which ensures the safety. The plant has a set of complete equipment. It just needs several persons for working needs. There are choice concrete mixer and batching machine. Welcome to select right one for your project.

AJ-120 belt type concrete plant
AJ-120 belt type concrete plant

When You Buying A Belt Type Concrete Batching Plant

What are the precautions?

  1. Performance labels for construction concrete.
  2. The amount of construction concrete and its duration.
  3. Construction environment and construction objects.
  4. Manufacturer selection.
  5. Fully understand the manufacturer’s scale.
  6. Production strength and product quality.

Introduction of Belt Types Concrete Batching Plant

It is convenient for construction and installation. Our belt type is suitable for various large and medium-sized prefabricated component factories and highways, bridges, water conservancy, docks and other industrial and civil construction projects. In conclusion, the equipment belongs to the efficiency mixing plant.

There are various concrete mixer with automatic feeding functions. You can select right mixer for your project like twin-shaft concrete mixer, planetary concrete mixer, etc. The plant can give full play to the advantages of the batching machine and the mixer.

Various Advantages of Belt Type Concrete Batching Plant

  1. It adopts the modular design and flexible movement.
  2. The design has convenient and fast assembly.
  3. It is a detailed investigation and research on the concrete plant.
  4. The plant makes a set of special concrete mixing equipment.

Belt Type Concrete Batching Plant – Aimix Group

From consultation to installation, our team pays attention to each step as we ll as commissioning and maintenance.

We can provides the clients with comprehensive and thoughtful services.

Our company offers the most powerful service guarantee in the entire process of production.

Our group has thoughtful service, and well-manufactured product.

There are satisfactory price for different customers with various sizes and applications.

Company Service

  1. The customers want to get high quality plant products. We focus on quality and serve customers in all directions.
  2. If you want to learn the excellent service, we create the most valuable products tailored for clients.

When it comes to product sales, the interests of our customers are our first consideration. Our services pursues refinement. From pre-sale consulting and enthusiastic services to recommended products on sales, we all demand refinement.


  1. Selection of equipment models.
  2. Design and manufacture products according to the special requirements of customers.
  3. Training technical staff for customers.
  4. The company sends engineering and technical personnel to the operators’ sites for free to plan the site, which can help design the best process and scheme for the users.

On sales

  1. Product acceptance
  2. Assist clients in drawing up construction plans

After sales

  1. Freely assign special after-sales service personnel to the site to guide customers to install and test.
  2. Equipment installation and commissioning.
  3. On-site training of operators.
  4. After the installation of the complete set of equipment, we can offer other reasonable testing, maintenance, and others.

Belt Type Concrete Batching Plant for Sale

With the construction and transformation of society and city, more users like to choose the belt type plant. The machines can meet the needs of the projects. The complete set of equipment has less investment and less floor space. The customers can get the fast benefits i short time.

If you need to learn more concrete mixing equipment details about specifications and price, please directly email us. You will get professional information.

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