Semi Automatic Brick Making Machine

Semi automatic brick making machine has advanced design standard. In order to make the customers get high quality products, we have professional information to help them. We are a leading manufacture of semi and automatic making machine in China. In our company, there are various types and tons for customers. If you are interested in our products about brick machine, please get in touch with us as soon as possible.

semi brick machine
Semi Automatic Brick Making Machine

Semi Automatic Brick Making Machine Price for Sale

The machine price improves the product development. The machine design enhances product use ranges. Our company has professional design ability and knowledge. Specially for some experts, they have full work experience from famous universities. Of course, we adopt the raw materials and manage these necessary products. When our team produce the equipment, the designers adopt advanced technology from home and abroad.

For some part production operation, we can offer necessary help. Of course, we give the customers reasonable price. We save necessary source and use local materials according to requirements. For example, we have many oversea offices. Of course, we have also many oversea factories. So, we can adopt local material to produce the machine. You can get high quality products with low price.

ABM-4SE brick machine
Semi Automatic Brick Machine for Sale
BrickSize(L*W*H)Pcs/MouldCycle moldingPcs/Hr
hollow bricks390*190*190424-26s580
solid blocks240*115*90922-25s1400
perforated bricks240*115*532122-25s3300

Semi Automatic Brick Making Machine Types

Semi brick machine has various types and tons. There are various types including hollow brick machine, interlocking brick machine, concrete brick machine, cement brick machine, etc. We can make the semi automatic brick machine according to requirements. Through different brick model, the customers can get standard brick products. Semi automatic machine offers high standard design. The customers have more choices according to the operation condition and location.

Advantages of Semi Automatic Brick Making Machine Equipment

It adopts the motor shunt drive machine, which make operation have reasonable working process.

The machine can reduce costs for customers. In addition, it has the benefits of energy saving and environmental protection.

It can be easy to install and repair. Of course, the type can save installation location.

It can be suitable for fly ash, coal material, inferior clay, and other raw materials, which can produce various specifications of standard bricks and hollow bricks.

It has strong practicality and small investment. However, it has quick effect.

Through semi automatic machine equipment, it can safely improve the standard design and easily control, which save more time and effort.

In conclusion, it is the ideal equipment for initial technical transformation of brick factories.

Technical Benefits of Semi Automatic Brick Making Machine

We adopt the advanced frequency conversion technology, and host frequency conversion control.

The main electrical components adopt the imported products, which make the machine production line semi automatic. Of course, we can improve the operate line.

Through semi automatic machine, it improves the production efficiency.

In addition, it saves internal between operations. The equipment is economical and suitable for medium-sized enterprises to establish a simple production line with a certain production scale.

Semi Automatic Brick Making Machine for Sale

Our company factory equipment has complete supporting functions, which makes the production operate simple and stable. Our products have stable quality. It has reached the advanced level of domestic about production line. It is suitable for the production of various high quality concrete blocks, fly ash blocks, waste slag block, etc.

The products have high compactness, good anti-freeze. In addition, it has strong sound insulation, heat insulation. If you have special requirements about brick model, we can customized the types.

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