Chinese Concrete Pump

Chinese concrete pump is very popular from the world. Aimix has high reputation in China. There are various concrete pump types and tons in our company. So, we can meet various requirements of customers such as concrete mixer pump, concrete trailer pump, and concrete boom pump, diesel concrete pump, electric concrete pump and others. If you are interested our products, please get in touch with us as soon as possible.

Chinese Concrete Pump for Sale

Chinese pump comes from professional manufacturer and supplier like Aimix Group. Many customers trust the brand value. Why to choose Chinese concrete pumps? On the one hand, it has high reputation. On the other hand, we have the professional design and standard production technology. in addition, it has large markets in the demands. We can meet various requirements. no matter which country you are in, we can delivery the concrete pump products on time. Because China is the large country, we have the reasonable transportation conditions like shipping, or others. According to reasonable demands, we can meet various demands.

Chinese Concrete Pump – Aimix Group

Aimix group is the professional concrete pump manufacturer and supplier in China. we have many overseas offices such as Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Philippines, etc. If you want to get in touch with us as soon as possible, we have the necessary address and phone numbers. There are some factories in overseas. If you have needs, we can customize the pump machine from overseas or China. When it is convenient, we can help the customers get the right products.

Various Advantages of Chinese Concrete Pump

In conclusion, it has many advantages about functions and applications. The customers can learn these. According to different types and models, we can offer the reasonable concrete pump.

  1. It can timely eliminate the pipe blocking failure.
  2. It has good sealing performance. We adopt the special distribution valve, which can automatically compensate for the wear gap.
  3. It has long service life. We adopt the special the use of wear-resistant alloy glasses plate and floating cutting ring.
  4. It has optimized design of the hopper for easy cleaning and better suction performance.
  5. It has automatic centralized lubrication system, which ensure effective lubrication during machine operation.
  6. It has remote control, so the operation is more secure and convenient.
  7. All parts and components of pump are all national standard.

Chinese Concrete Pump Types

According to the functions and applications, there are divided in to the concrete mixer pump, concrete trailer pump, concrete boom pump.

According to the type of power, there are divided into electric type pump and diesel pump.

The Key Advantages of Concrete Pump Trailer

  1. ixIt has international brand accessories. In addition, it has high reliability and low failure rate.
  2. It has high conveying height.
  3. The accessories are cheap and easy to maintain. It has low maintenance costs.

Electric Concrete Pump and Diesel Concrete Pump

The power source of pump is different. When you lack of the electricity, the clients can choose the diesel Chinese concrete pump. It has strong power and good performance. It can still work without electricity. These customers don’t worry about power problems.

Diesel concrete needs high engine costs. In addition, it has many accessories and the relative maintenance cost is higher than electric type. However, when you want to use electricity power, please choose the type.

Chinese Concrete Pump Parameters

When a customer wants to select the right product for business, they can learn the product parameters such as the delivery displacement, outlet pressure, motor power and distribution valve form. these main parameters are known from the model of Chinese concrete pump.

In addition, the operator needs to learn the instruction manual and master the structural principle, use and maintenance. The reasonable use knowledge of concrete pump can help the users learn the product structure and work principle. When the machine has trouble in parts, the operators can deal with various problems.

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